4 Maintenance Methode Of Common Cheongsam Fabrics

Cheongsam contains Chinese traditional clothing culture. It not only has distinctive national characteristics but also best reflects women’s elegance and tenderness. Generally, foreign visitors will take a Chinese dress, of which cheongsam is the first choice, which is of great commemorative significance to foreigners.

There are also many women who love cheongsam in China. When buying a cheongsam, we need to consider both fabric and color. Some people like to wear cotton and linen, others like to wear silk, and the washing and maintenance methods of cheongsam with different fabrics are also different.

Brocade Fabric

Brocade is a traditional Chinese silk fabric with more than three colors of weft flowers on warp satin. The brocade was developed on the basis of the South China brocade at the end of the 19th century. It has a bright and delicate surface, the rich hand feels, and gorgeous colors.

Storage Method:

1.Hang up the cheongsam with a clothes hanger. Pay attention to support the shoulders properly. It can be placed in a camphor wooden box to prevent insects.

Washing Method:

1.It’s best to dry clean or hand wash. Neutral detergent should be used instead of ordinary washing powder and soap. Soak it in low-temperature water for 15 to 20 minutes, then gently rub it and rinse it with clean water.

2.After washing, it can be gently squeezed to remove water. It is not allowed to twist vigorously or dehydrate with a machine. It can be dried naturally in a cool place and can not be exposed to the sun. Ironing is not suitable for high temperature and direct ironing. Ironing can be done by dry ironing on the reverse side or ironing with a cloth.

Silk Fabric

Mulberry silk fabrics are divided into raw silk and boiled-off silk. The raw silk is hard and looks neat when worn. The boiled-off silk is smooth and soft and has a silk touch. It is very comfortable, but it is fragile

Different clothing fabrics also determine the different printing and dyeing methods and colors. Generally speaking, mulberry silk is fine in material, and its printing and dyeing are mostly based on simple and elegant colors, while polyester fiber is “easygoing”, so it has more colorful colors.

Storage Method:

1.When not wearing, hang the dress with a clothes hanger and keep them ventilated. The silk and tussah silk clothes should be stored separately to avoid yellowing the silk clothes.

2.When storing, it shall be cleaned without camphor pills. The boxes and cabinets for storing clothes shall be kept clean and sealed as far as possible to prevent dust pollution.

Washing Method:

1.It’s best to wash by hand and rub it gently and not to put it into the washing machine for dehydration. Because washing silk fabrics by washing machine is prone to “fuzzing” and “turning over” and other phenomena.

2.When washing, special detergent for silk or other acidic washing liquid shall be used, and ordinary washing powder, soap, etc. shall not be used. The water temperature should not be too high and the cheongsam of different colors should be washed separately.

3.After washing, dry it in a ventilated and cool place. Don’t expose it directly to the sun.

Fragrant Cloud Yarn Fabric

Fragrant cloud yarn(Xiangyun yarn), commonly known as Ranunculus silk and cloud gauze, is an expensive gauze product made of mulberry silk fabric coated with the juice of Guangdong’s characteristic plant Dioscorea hyacinth, covered with mineral river pond mud in the Pearl River Delta and processed by the sun.

Because it makes a “rustle” when wearing and walking, it was originally called “Xiangyun yarn”, and later generations called it “Xiangyun yarn” with a homonym.

Storage Method:

1.Do not spray deodorant, perfume, etc. on the surface of Xiangyun yarn. Do not store with camphor pills to avoid discoloration.

Washing Method:

1.Fragrant cloud yarn is a high-end variety of real silk. It can be washed by hand or machine, but it should not be soaked. Because fragrant cloud yarn is easy to fade, it should be washed separately from other clothes. At the same time, it cannot be rinsed with alkaline washing powder.

2.Do not wring dry after washing. Put it in a ventilated and cool place for natural air drying. Do not expose it to the sun.

Cotton Linen Fabric

For young people who advocate natural comfort and fashion, it is also a good choice to buy cotton and linen fabrics.

Storage Method:

1.Cotton and linen clothes are easy to absorb moisture. So during storage, avoid dampness, muggy, lack of ventilation, and mildew caused by unclean closets, boxes, and cabinets.

Washing Method:

1.It is recommended to wash by hand, machine washing is easy to deform and wrinkle; Or before washing, add some ordinary vinegar to the washing water for a while. But the amount of vinegar should not be too much, otherwise, it is easy to dye.

2.Cotton and linen clothing is generally not afraid of the sun, but exposure to the sun for a long time will reduce the fastness of wearing and make the clothing fade or yellowing. After washing, it can be leveled as long as it is dried in the wind without additional ironing.


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