4 Kinds Classic Matching Of Cheongsam With Jewelry 2021

We all know that the aesthetics of beauty in the Republic of China can be regarded as a model of the combination of Chinese and western. Whether they are ladies or socialites, they all have their own charm. Traditional costumes such as cheongsam not only inherit the traditional characteristics but also integrate the modern elements of the west, with the most unique beauty.

Cheongsam tightly wraps women’s body, and also makes the external supporting jewelry more eye-catching. Between static and dynamic, it highlights the wearer’s exquisite and selfish life values and life attitude. So how to match the jewelry suitable for retro and elegant dresses like cheongsam?

1. Cheongsam and Necklace, Retro and Solemn

The jewelry of the Republic of China was very simple. Most women rarely wore necklaces. If they did, they mostly matched with slender cheongsam or dress. They especially liked slender pearl necklaces or a delicate GEM pendant.

Dark cheongsam with a pearl necklace, simple white and black, is a classic match. Pearls can be three lapped necklaces and two lapped bracelets, which echo each other, low-key and noble.

2. Cheongsam and Ring, Elegant and Noble

When it comes to the accessories of cheongsam, how can there be fewer gem rings? An embellishment of delicate jade hands with gem rings is the icing on the cake for your cheongsam.

3. Cheongsam and Brooch, Chic and Polite

New ornaments such as brooches and pins were very popular in the period of the Republic of China because this kind of small jewelry is flexible and diverse. It can be pinned in any position of cheongsam that needs decoration. It is small, exquisite but attractive.

Tang Wei created a fashionable and elegant image of a young lady with an opal brooch of the same color as the cheongsam.

4. Cheongsam and Earrings, Elegant and Amorous

Fashionable women in the Republic of China like the conflict effect of clothes. For example, necklaces can be consistent with the style of cheongsam, but Earrings should be somewhat different. These earrings are exaggerated, but they are surprisingly harmonious and interesting in the overall dress, making the wearer more flexible and lovely.

In the selection of specific designs and colors of cheongsam, it is recommended to choose the color that accounts for more than 30% of the whole body. After that, it will not be too abrupt to match any style of jewelry at will.

If it is too flowery a cheongsam, you must build simple jewelry, otherwise, it will be self-defeating. If it is a simple and elegant pure color cheongsam, you can choose to match with relatively exaggerated jewelry, which is simple and complex. The wearer will appear deep and will not give people the feeling of being as light as water.

Cheongsam and jewelry, but also the relationship of mutual achievement, like the glow of stars and months, can make women beautiful and exciting. So, what kind of jewelry do you think can better set off the temperament with cheongsam?


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