Chinese Modern Cheongsam Wonderful Oriental Beauty – 2021

Cheongsam is the clothing of the Republic of China, which was popular in the 1930s and 1940s. We generally regard the 1920s as the starting point of the popularity of Qipao. It reached its peak in the 1930s and soon spread from Shanghai to all parts of China.

Cheongsam follows the times and carries civilization. With its flowing melody, natural and unrestrained painting, and strong poetic sentiment, it shows the virtuous, elegant, gentle, and beautiful temperament and temperament of Chinese women. Qipao connects the past and the future, life, and art, and spreads the charm of beauty all over the world.

Today, while maintaining the connotation of Chinese traditional culture, cheongsam culture has absorbed a large number of Western three-dimensional modeling concepts and composition methods, and gradually evolved into modern cheongsam. It pays more attention to the inherent structure of the human body than formal beauty, which deeply embodies the concept of modern people’s clothing.

Although the modern cheongsam still retains the traditional decoration such as piping, edging, and buckle, it is by no means a simple repetition and formal resemblance but has a stronger sense of nationality and times. With her simple, natural, fluent, and bright lines, she shows the noble, elegant, quiet, and implicit inner beauty of Chinese women, which can be said to be full of styles and manners.

Modern cheongsam is colorful, and its design styles are different. It is three-dimensional, concrete, realistic, and pays attention to the shape shaping in three-dimensional space.

It pays attention to revealing and even exaggerating to highlight the beauty of the human body. No matter its shape or internal structure, it contains the dual characteristics of eastern and Western clothing styles. Combined with today’s fashion trend and dressing trend, it brings unlimited creativity to modern Qipao design.


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