Modern Hanfu: Innovation And Continuation Of Traditional Hanfu – 2021

After the promotion of Hanfu in recent years, more and more young people know about Hanfu and like Hanfu. At the same time, more and more young people choose to wear Hanfu.

In fact, the Hanfu we are wearing now is quite different from the Hanfu in ancient history. In short, modern Hanfu is the innovation and continuation of traditional Hanfu.

Definition of modern Hanfu:The clothing that appears and is popular in the current era and imitates the shape of traditional Hanfu clothing, which not only conforms to the basic shape and characteristics of traditional Hanfu but also has modernity in color, pattern, collocation, etc. It is the product of contemporary cultural construction.

In short, “modern Hanfu” refers to the clothing worn by Hanfu lovers since the revival of Hanfu, which not only has the shape and structure characteristics of ancient Hanfu but also conforms to the contemporary aesthetic in style, color, pattern, and material.

In fact, modern Hanfu pays more attention to beauty in detail. After all, the pursuit of “beauty” may be a big reason why young people like Hanfu.

In recent years, the craze for Hanfu has almost swept across major social platforms such as TikTok and WeChat and has further promoted the promotion of Hanfu as daily clothing.  It has great positive significance for the transmission of Chinese traditional culture.

The design of modern Hanfu is actually more daily. People in the pursuit of beauty at the same time, but also more will Hanfu as a daily dress to look at, so modern Hanfu and ancient Hanfu in fact, there are many differences.

Nowadays, Hanfu is not limited to restoration but focuses more on aesthetic feeling and convenience. What interesting phenomena have appeared in the design of modern Hanfu?

In the Hanfu of the Ming Dynasty, because of the colder weather at that time, the collar of the jacket was designed so high that it almost covered the entire neck.

However, the upper jacket of modern Hanfu is actually very shallow, more beautiful, and more modern. Moreover, most of the cross-collar tops of ancient Hanfu were only white, while the design of modern Hanfu has added more color combinations, which making the colors of Hanfu more diversified and closer to the attitude of young people in pursuit of fashion.

In fact, ancient Hanfu has no pocket, which may be more or less inconvenient for us. Therefore, in the design of modern Hanfu, a hidden pocket will be designed in the sleeve to facilitate Hanfu lovers to install mobile phones and some small items. It can be said that it is very close to life and humanized.

In fact, whether it is the ancient Hanfu or the modern improved Hanfu, it can be said that it is a concrete embodiment of the traditional Chinese costume culture. What other interesting design do you know about Hanfu? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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