How To Choose Your First Hanfu – Hanfu Collocation 2021

When we buy Hanfu, we need not only according to the height and weight but also according to our own specific body shape. In this way, the Hanfu we buy is the most suitable for us and looks good when we put it on. So for different body types, how should we choose our first Hanfu Dress?

1. X Shape

X shape, also known as an hourglass shape, is a common shape for Asian women. It is concave and convex in the chest, legs, waist, and buttocks. All parts match harmoniously.

The advantage of friends of this kind of figure is very obvious, many Hanfu types are suitable. The traditional waist-length Hanfu(Qiyao Hanfu) and the waist-length modern Hanfu are the most suitable for them.

2.O Shape

O-shape is also called apple shape. This kind of body shape is round, chest, abdomen, buttocks are relatively plump, even if the weight is not big, it is easy to appear bloated.

Therefore, friends of this body type are suitable for a shirt or dress that is tightened from under the chest and loose at the waist. So the Beizi Hanfu of the Song Dynasty and the modern Hanfu of the high waist is the most perfect choice.

3.H Shape

The width of the shoulder line, waistline, and hip line of the H-shaped body are not much different. The overall body shape is straight, and the waist is not too obvious, lack of female unique curve beauty.

The traditional waist-length Hanfu(Qiyao Hanfu) and Ming Dynasty Hanfu Aoqun are more suitable for friends of this body shape. The lines of this Hanfu can make the figure more curved and graceful.

For modern Hanfu, you can choose a style that emphasizes the waistline and has a curve, which will make the figure more linear.

4.A Shape

The A-shaped is also called pear-shaped. The distinctive feature of this body shape is that the shoulders are narrow and the buttocks are too plump, giving a feeling of thin upper body and fat lower body. Therefore, the choice of clothing should follow the principle of widening shoulders and closing hips.

Friends of this body type can choose embroidered tops with intricate and delicate patterns and simple bottom skirts. The Qixiong Ruqun of the Tang Dynasty and the Aoqun of the Ming Dynasty, which can cover the lower body, is very suitable for them.

For modern Hanfu, you can choose a top that is longer than the crotch, and match it with a long coat that covers the crotch, so that you can look slimmer.

5.Y Shape

Y-shape is also called strawberry shape. This body shape has wide shoulders and narrow hips, obvious curves at the waist, and slender legs, which is commonly known as an athlete’s figure.

When choosing Hanfu for this type of body, you should choose a simple top and a more decorative skirt.

Knowing yourself and understanding your body shape is the first step in choosing Hanfu. Choose the appropriate Hanfu according to your own body shape and characteristics to make you more outstanding in your daily wear.

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